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I think it's safe to say most of us are not Kardashians who have sponsors duking it out over who gets to pay for our wedding. Most of us have a budget (some larger than others) that we need to stick to and could use all the help we can get when it comes to getting the most bang for our buck.

The first thing to do when planning your budget is to prioritize...what is most important to you? (Besides actually being married to your one and only?And if that's NOT your top priority maybe you need to rethink things)  Make a list of "Must Haves" and "Wants". For example, if getting married at the same church your parents got married in is a do or die for you then that goes in the Must Have list. If you think you might, kind of like to have live peacocks roaming around at the reception, that goes in the Want list.

Several wedding blogs I've read have said to save money on the photographer by giving all the guests disposable cameras and having them take the pictures. I happen to think this is a supremely bad idea. Why? Because your cousin, Louanne, is going to take a hundred pictures of her brand new baby and that friend of the groom (you know the one...the one who always does the MOST inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times) is going to take pictures of his anatomy or every set of boobies at the reception...even Grandma's. And if there's alcohol on the menu, the pictures will become more inappropriate and more blurry as the night wears on. You can give out the disposable cameras but make sure you invite the friend(or friends) who is a great amatuer photographer (and has a great camera). That way, you will be sure to get some more traditional posed pictures as well as great candids. Just make sure you speak to your photog friend ahead of time to discuss which poses you want to make sure you get. If possible, have a computer and a USB cable there so he/she can download the pics before she leaves. That way, you don't run into "Oh, I just haven't had time to send them to you yet" and you're sure to have the photographic evidence that your magical day really was as beautiful as you imagined it.


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